Tap Trap – The year of procrastination

Since launching Tap Trap, there have been a steady stream of players stumbling across the game and, in some cases, getting hooked!

I wrote the game a couple of years ago now (mostly as an experiment with JavaScript) and didn’t really plan to promote it particularly but it’s great to see around 15 new players a day having a go!

It recently passed the 500,000th game played – around half of those games were actually completed (a score was submitted). From a quick scribble on the back of a Topman receipt (taking a rough average of 2 minutes per game) this means there’s been about 1 man year of procrastination play so far.

Well done to Joe Bloggs 6140 for the current high score of 5,510. The average score is 1981.98 across all the games completed.

The booby prize goes to Joe Bloggs 2681 for achieving the lowest score of just 152. It’s actually quite a feat to achieve such an abysmal score – seriously, try it. It’s not as easy as it looks!

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  1. Is there anyway to retrieve my UUID to use on a new computer? I would like to continue my collection of scores rather than starting over.

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